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Give A Donation

Our organization was founded in 2003 by the generosity of private donors. We are a very small scale organization run by volunteers with a passion to help protective parents, who are struggling currently to protect their minor children, or are rebuilding their lives after past trauma.

We are working to maintain and make improvements in the rental property and units we have now, and provide homes to those families at a lower-than-market-value to combat the current housing crisis in our local community. We have a plan to eventually use a large portion of our rental income to financially assist mothers and children in need during their custody battles.

We are always in need of more volunteers to assist in fundraising, research, and grantwriting, in hopes of acquiring needed funds for our current and future projects.

In order to continue helping these families, we need your donations. Be assured your donation will be directly used to help families in need and will go to an excellent and worthy cause. We can provide you with a tax deduction letter for your substantial donation, by request. If you would like to discuss how your donation is to be applied, or get further information, please contact us by email.

You may make a donation of any amount. For your convenience, you may make your donation directly to us through PayPal by credit card, or from your checking account, paid to donate@hearts-home.org.