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Mission Statement

It is our primary mission at Hearts Home Foundation to create and promote opportunities for low-income Christian women, children, and families, so they can have safe and improved homes and their basic needs met. We also provide information, education, resources, networking, and support for women and children with a history of abuse.

Current Projects

Our long term renovation includes installing heating systems, electrical work, plumbing, some structural improvements, appliance replacement and repair, weatherization, remodeling, and redecorating to create a healthy and comforting family home atmosphere.

We are currently working on two rural family unit projects, one of which is being improved for a mother who plans to open her home to emergency foster care children.

We have found a new and inexpensive central heating system that heats by electricity at only three cents per hour for each 130 square feet, hardly takes up any wall space, and can be painted to blend in with the décor of the home. The heaters can be controlled by a main thermostat, or can be used simply by mounting on a wall and plugging into an electrical outlet. We are hard wiring this system in several units. For more information on these economical heaters, please feel free to inquire with us by email.

We are investigating grants for major home improvements such as new foundations and new roofs. If you are aware of any programs with funding for home renovation, please contact us to share information.

Future Goals

It is our plan to build equity in the property we currently have, creating a means to acquire more property. We are always interested in properties that are economically feasible to develop and rennovate for our cause.

It is our vision that this organization grow in ability to serve families in a larger geographical area, and that eventually we can build a new and substantial cooperative and safe retreat, for long term residency and support of women and children.

Through grants and donations, and as our budget allows, we hope to increase our funds enough to offer emergency assistance to eligible families who are dealing with abuse issues. Assistance would only be offered to help pay urgent needs that are otherwise unmet.

We also hope to be able to produce and disseminate materials, educate, and broaden awareness of abuse and prevention.